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There are many many elements in a wedding that deserve special attention - from the wedding dress to details like garters and boutonniéres. First of all, and ultimately, it depends on the importance you personally give to each of those. You know yourself best and have a good idea what will give you the most pleasure on your wedding day.

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Talking about pleasure and wedding days, we often advise our brides-to-be on that one crucial point of wedding garment preparations that every bride eventually faces - the bridal lingerie. More and more high-end designers these days are creating special wedding lingerie lines to cater to the growing interest in bridal undergarments. They’re not wasting time with boring remixes of the same tune - types, models and colours come in greater varieties with each new season.

You might ask, wouldn’t just normal luxurious lingerie do the same? No, really not. While cheaper and more widely available substitutions are a good strategy in wedding planning when you have to cut down on a number of unnecessary expenses, bridal lingerie is absolutely not one of those cases. Of course, after it plays its part, it’s going to be taken off anyways, but this doesn’t demean its value. On the contrary, there is something ceremonial, personal and intimate, just like with wearing a dress like no other on that one special day. Moreover, the designs and fabrics for bridal lingerie are pure indulgence you simply have to experience.

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