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Just about GATSBY

As Glasgow was one of Madonna’s recent stops in her 10th worldwide tour Rebel Heart and she did what she does best - bring her game “Bitch I’m Madonna” game on, we revelled in the amazing variety of her wardrobe and impeccable choice. Our personal favourite is her Gatsby-esque segment of the show where she dons a magnificent sparkling bustier-like outfit with plunging neckline, sheer fingerless opera gloves, fishnets and dangling crystal-embellished fringes. She didn’t break any of the rules of the Gatsby style book, except for one - going all purely classic 1920s. She did all that and more, putting a fresh modern spin on everything.

We have more than one or two things in common with the Queen of Pop, one that we’re particularly proud of - our Italian heritage. Bella Brilla, as you know, stands for ‘beautiful shines’ in Italian and we’ve always insisted on interweaving the timeless standards for beauty of the Italians with genuine British craftsmanship, all wrapped together in new, chic and one-of-a-kind. Moreover, we have an Italian grandma, Madonna has an Italian grandpa. Back in 1987, she told her audience at a Turin concert: “I’m proud to be an Italian” and after the powerful earthquake in L’Aquila near Rome, she donated a half million dollars to the relief fund, as her grandparents are originally from the same region. Could we forget her gyrating on a moving gondola for the video of Like a Virgin? And all those rebel-bride-with-a-crucifix highlights from her career? That iconic bridal look she donned for the MTV Awards in 1984: an edgy lingerie wedding dress cinched with a “boytoy” belt at the waist, star earrings, a long crucifix necklace and those frisky curls? You know how much we love brides, even if it’s pretend-brides, and especially, alternative ones. And most of all, she’s a been-there-done-that girl. And so are we.


The chameleon lady has been showing us how to wear things for many years now, appropriating unexpected clothing pieces to create a new style and changing styles with each new album. According to some, her influence on fashion has even eclipsed that on the musical genre. All this with her sassy, bleached bob and fearless striding through a wide spectrum of styles, from ragamuffin to classic elegance, from all-in-leather to male attire, and much much more.

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One of her most recent inspirations is sourced from Fitzgerald’s timeless novel ‘The Great Gatsby’, which has poured over into the styling of her Rebel Heart Tour and she even themed her 2014 birthday bash so, dressing up in a beaded flapper dress and sparkly headband for a lavish party on the French Riviera.

As Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 movie revived the ‘20s vintage trend in clothing and accessories in the last two years (though we’d take the Robert Redford 1974 version as well), we’ve been seeing lots of Gatsby-themed parties, balls and weddings. And our designers have been doing their best to deliver the perfect Gatsby-esque accessories for our chics!

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