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Luxurious brands...

As already mentioned, bridal lingerie varies greatly, so there are a few important insights on wedding undergarments we’d like to share with you to ease your decision-making on the matter. Starting with the much popular luxurious bridal robes embroidered with your monograms, of which you might want to get similar designs for your bridesmaids to keep them pampered and cheerful, we see a wide variety of bridal underwear: tanks, chemises, bras, slips, nightgowns, romper suits, corsets, basques, shorts, thongs, bikinis, garters. Do not get lost in the choice possibilities. After all, the type of bridal lingerie shouldn’t be too far away from what you would normally wear for a special occasion - it has to feel familiar and comfortable, even if you are venturing out of your comfort zone for a special effect.

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Luxurious brand are still more tradition-oriented, this is why you will get the best options in classic bridal white, yet other colours, like pink, red and black are also quite trendy. Some more playful pieces are done in blue or feature blue decorations - a popular choice is sheer blue panties with cute bows. The most popular types of bridal undergarments are babydolls (super-short loose-fitting nightgowns), chemises and corsets. Teddys (think one-piece swimsuit) and basques or bustiers are other attractive options. Satin and lace rule as fabrics, followed by chiffon. When it comes to bras, the variety is even greater, reflecting popular trends in underwear. For bridal lingerie, the current favourites are high-neck bras and intricately embroidered bralettes (bras without molded cups or underwiring). Cup types en vogue are demi cups (with half less upper breast coverage), seamed cups (made of two or more fabric pieces, such as one sheer and one non-transparent) and quarter cups with strips flitting across the bust, where flashes of skin can be spied inbetween.

As with wedding dresses, it’s not only about looking good, but also feeling good, and most of all, sexy. The wedding night calls for feminine, sultry, flirty, teasing undergarments - you’ll see it reflected in elements like sheer touches, lace accents, bows or other embellishments, straps running all over, suspenders spicing up things or garters even, at least the ones you haven’t lost to that moment. Whether it is a one-piece or two-piece set, the bridal lingerie has to feel like second skin.

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