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Suit up - attitude

So, here are the basics for a 1920s-inspired Daisy Buchanan look:

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1.Suit up - attitude matters!

2.The signature fabrics are silk, chiffon and laces.

3.The embellishments - rich, including crystals, sequins, beads. Less is not more!

4.The colour palette: black, metallics likegold, silver and copper, and opalescent mother-of-pearl.

5.Details matter: sequins, ruffled, fringes and faux fur all count towards a legit ‘20s look!

6.Accessories: long opera gloves and sparkling statement pieces, most of all THE Hairpiece. Sparkling bobby pins and hair combs are good variations.

7.Hairstyle: Flappers used to bob their hair, but if yours is longer, just put it in a bun or tuck it in half-updo. Waves and slick curls are a must!

8.Makeup: fake moles, mascara and a catflick, and, absolutely obligatory, red lipstick. As makeup artist Pat McGrath says: “Red is the sexiest a mouth can ever look. It’s dangerous too. Very Madonna, very Hollywood.”

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